Thursday, November 26, 2009

Favorite Places

While I am discussing exploring, I figured I would cover some of my favorite places I have been. I have traveled extensively through out North America and have seen many things the continent has to offer. Here is a list of links that cover my suggestions for you.

I spent 3-4 months exploring Mexico in a van in my mid twenties and returned again a few years later. These were some of my favorite stops.

Playa Del Carmen

Iberostar Quetzal in Playacar
Hacienda Las Palmas

I have explored the country playing music on quite a few occasions. I will recreate one of the tours again at some point even if many of the clubs are no longer open. Some of my favorite stops were:

- New Orleans

The Stone - San Francisco

The Axiom - Houston

The Satyricon - Portland

To be continued

In the beginning

I guess the time has come.

To set sail on the journey through my mind.

While I have always spent quality time wandering the hallways of my cranium, any attempt to catalog these jaunts have turned out to be more graffiti than literary. I make no promises that this will change except that this place will at least create a single wall for it all to be scrawled upon.

This will be an ever evolving platform of words, pics, videos and music. Some will be mine. Some will be what I bring back from my travels. I obviously would hope you enjoy what you see but at the end of the day I place this here for my own self indulgence. This is not intended to be rude but more of a statement of purpose. If you do not enjoy doing something, chances are your audience will match your feelings.

I welcome your company and appreciate your feedback. Now grab a pint and join me on this distractionary adventure.

The Captain