Thursday, November 1, 2012

Halloween 2012

This year we had every intention of pulling off a Mayan end of the world display but something stood in our way. The 38 totes of stuff we have from the last ten years of haunting up our home. Once the big ruin walls and multiple circular movie screens were built, the totes were pulled out of their attic summer home and spread about.

To our initial theme's dismay, we fell in love all over again with the items we have collected over the years. Our memories associated with each piece, whether it be what we where doing the day it was purchased or built or the specific scream of the child that came back to us upon lifting the lids on our plastic Rubbermaid coffins.

We couldn't leave them stowed away.

Here is a little artsy cellphone video I made after the 300 or so TOT's left for the evening. 

I hope you enjoy.

Happy Halloween.

Friday, May 11, 2012

True patience and creativity

I wouldn't mind seeing what kind of sweater she could make. Probably the coolest friggin' sweater ever. That's what kind!

Thursday, May 3, 2012

As a man who has basically spent his stage life embedded in distortion at a break neck speed, I sometimes hunger for a little less malady and a bit more melody. When searching for something new to fill my mind and ears, I often find myself falling for a pretty voice over a catchy energetic riff. Either I am just getting old or my tastes are broadening. Regardless, I find the harmonies these two perform to be like comfort food for the soul.

Tolex Icon

I have been staring at my musical gear for some time now and counting the war wounds. Multiple musical miles have been driven through these loudspeakers for my insanity. Whether by me with items I purchased new or had assistance with on many a used procurement by previous accomplices.

Up to this point, I have left the Tolex to fly as it may. Let them amps stand proud with their matching speaker grille tears and crooked casters. I salute them and their vintage medals of dishonor. Yet sometimes we all wonder about a little nip and tuck.

I have witnessed many a small business begin in this small little nook of creative re-utilization. Artisans in their own right repairing and recreating potentially better looking creations where a beaten warrior once stood.

The folks over at Aftershock Design Co are making some beautiful cabinets.

I also have to mention So Cal's very own Miyako Designs . The two tone Tolex work as well as the staining on some of their other pieces is just plain cool.

Both company's specialty is making their own brand of equipment but repairs and renovations can be done. I am seriously considering a two tone blend of black and this...

Check out what both company's have to offer or go it alone. There are plenty of vids over at Youtube.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012


Recently answered an ad on Craigslist for some free Playboys. 1967 through 2001 to be precise. A couple of them are missing but overall very complete. I am really enjoying going through them and looking at all the ....advertisements.
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