Sunday, June 5, 2011

The Call of The Tide

While relaxing in the shade of my beautiful Blood Orange tree this morning, a random thought entered my mind. Now either of those occurrences probably do not shock any of you but I had to start this blog post somewhere.

I had an urge to take my little girl on an exploration of tide pools. So as any overly cyber connected father would do, I grabbed my phone and searched out my options. The fine folks over at Double The Adventure, a site that points many great activities for some California family fun, just so happened to identify Little Corona Del Mar Beach as the best bet.

So off I went to determine the tide schedule and loaded up the wife and kid in the Ontario Speedwagon for our days activities.


I now present to you a moment with me while lost in a lens...
(Click the image for a larger version)


  1. Thank you. It was a fun day in a beautiful location.