Saturday, June 11, 2011

Retail Therapy

Sometimes shopping can cure everything. It provides a great distraction while also offering inspiration to an upcoming project for which your vision may not have reached completion. Two stores that often have a few surprises for me are Restoration Hardware and Z Gallerie. After a recent trip, I found the following pieces of goodness.

This Apothecary beverage dispenser would look amazing on the bar filled with Blood Orange Margaritas

My affinity for skulls places this one in high regard. Imagine looking into a reaper's robe to have this guy smiling back at you

I see this crystal Octopus as part of a sea fairing fortune teller display on top of a column covered in silk. Lit from beneath with a color changing LED awash in green, purple and red.   

My mind began to spin at all the Steampunk ideas that I could do with all of the different gears they had on display. A collection of these 34" babies need to be on my wall all hooked up to motors.  

Upon working my way over to Restoration Hardware, my skull desires were once again intrigued. I have been trying to figure the best way to incorporate a forest of  Wailing Trees with my own flavor. Branches remind me of antlers and horns so why not incorporate these into that concept. 

My Steampunk gears continued to spin at RH with their pieces as well 

I long for the day my loot can fill a treasure chest as large as this 62" beast. 

What are some of your favorite places for retail inspiration?

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